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Commercial Appraisal Services


Commercial Appraisals

We are excited to officially venture into the world of commercial real estate work! See a list of appraisal services we provide for commercial properties below. Please note that we are able to complete commercial appraisals on types of properties that may not be listed below.  We also offer evaluations - both desktops and evaluations with inspection. This product is specifically for lending purposes.


Office building Appraisal

Office buildings include conventional offices, medical and dental offices, corporate headquarter buildings and more.

Retail location appraisal

Retail location appraisals are for any properties where a business to consumer exchange takes place. Free-standing brick-and-mortar shops, gas stations, auto shops, gyms, grocery stores, movie theaters, and much more.

Self-storage appraisal

Self-storage properties and storage yards may contain a manager's office, security, climate controls and more in addition to the primary storage units.


Hospitality Property appraisal

Hospitality properties range from hotels to resorts and include bed & breakfasts, motels, inns and specialty properties such as extended stay facilities.

Industrial building appraisal

Typical industrial buildings include but are not limited to warehouses, distribution and data centers, research and development facilities, and manufacturing plants.

subdivision appraisal

Land appraisals for home subdivisions based on lot sizes, location, completed developments and other factors.


apartment complex appraisal

Apartment appraisals take many factors into consideration including common qualities: amenities, location, style and size, as well as more intricate details such as zoning, parking, and current rental rates.

REstaurant appraisal

Restaurant property assessments for fast food chains to fine dining experiences in formal settings.

Vineyard appraisal

Vineyard and winery appraisals provide land and operation equipment valuation.

Service Area and Fees


We cover the entire state of Arizona for commercial work. We do not have standard fees as there are so many variations to commercial properties. Please fill out the contact form below or call our office if you're interested in receiving a quote. The aforementioned appraisals are just a sample of those we provide, so feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a quote for any commercial property.


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