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Residential Appraisal Services


Residential Appraisals

Below is a list of appraisal services we provide for residential properties.  Please note, if you are going through a lender to refinance, purchase, etc., they will order the appraisal on your behalf.  We cannot complete individual appraisals for loan purposes.

Inside Tucson home during appraisal.


During the refinancing process the market value of the home must be determined. Please note, we can complete refinance appraisals for lenders only.

Bankruptcy Purposes

During the bankruptcy process, you may be required to attain an appraisal of your home value.


Relocation appraisals are needed when a company transfers an employee.

Estate Purposes

Appraisals are often needed for estates for tax purposes.

Honest townhome appraisals in Tucson


We can complete purchase appraisals for lenders only, unless the buyer is making an all cash purchase or not using a traditional lender.


Appraisals are also useful for determining the value of a property when the property will be divided equally between heirs of a will or for tax purposes. 


When property is placed in a trust, fair market value of the property must be established with an appraisal for legal purposes.

Single-family brick home valuations in Pinal County.

Market Value

As a homeowner you may need to have an idea of the current market value of your house for several reasons, the most common is if considering to put it on the market.

Date of death

Similar to an estate, you may need an appraisal that is effective on the date of death for tax purposes. This is also known as a retrospective appraisal.

PMI Removal

To remove Private Mortgage Insurance you may need an appraisal to prove that your current loan balance is less than 80 percent of the current value of the home.


Service Area and Fees

We provide appraisals for residential properties across most of Pima County including metropolitan Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Vail, Oro Valley, and Marana. Our appraisers also serve a portion of Pinal County including Saddlebrooke, Saddlebrooke Ranch, Red Rock, San Manuel and parts of Oracle for an additional trip fee. Standard residential appraisal fees are as follows:

Single Family Home Appraisal

Condominium Appraisal

Manufactured Home Appraisal

Land Only Appraisal

Multi-Unit (Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex)

ERC Relocation


** Please note these are our fees for standard properties. The price is subject to change based on size, complexity, and other factors. **

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